Signing In & Out

Signing In

To log in to the system, click the link on our home page that reads "Login". You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and password. Once you have entered your details, click the "Sign in" button. The next time you visit our home page, you will once again be greeted by your name. You can also manage different accounts on one computer in this way (e.g. when sharing one PC with your friends or relatives).
If using a private computer, you can tick the "Remember me?" box. If you do so, our Website will remember you next time you visit us and you will not be required to enter in your details again.

Note: We need to store a cookie on your computer to remember your details.

If you have forgotten your password, simply press the "forgot password?" button and your password will be mailed to the e-mail address you registered with.

Signing Out

If you are using a public terminal, we strongly advise you to log off or sign out before you leave the terminal. To do so, simply click the "logoff" button in the top menu of our website. We recommend that you sign out only when you feel that you must. If we cannot identify you, it is more difficult for us to recommend items that might be of interest to you.

Important note: If you are accessing from a computer that could be considered insecure (e.g. a public terminal, at school or university, a shared computer at your office) you should always log off. If you do not log off, your account may be misused by others. can not be held liable for any loss or damage inflicted to you by misuse of your account.

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