The Partner Program is our initiative to further facilitate content creators interested in covering products from Japan and the rest of Asia. By supporting high quality content creators we hope to further expose people around the world to an incredibly important region within the gaming industry.
The Partner Program will allow content creators to:
  • Directly make requests for products carried by
  • Gain further support e.g. specially made banners, a communication line regarding product updates
  • Provide their audience with partner-specific coupon codes
In order to become an official Partner one must:
  • Have a sizable audience to share their content e.g. social media, website, YouTube/Twitch
  • Maintain high quality content on said channel(s)
  • Have a account and become a member of our existing Affiliate Program
  • State clearly to their audience that is their source for the product, including a link and graphic where appropriate

Affiliate Ranks & determining your Partner's Product Budget

We want to make sure the products we carry get the attention they deserve, so your Partner's Product Budget will be directly influenced by how well you show those products off! The more orders you create the bigger and better your product opportunities will become! To help recognize the incredible value you bring to we have introduced a new way to reward your contribution with an Affiliate Rank. This rank's primary function is to determine your Partner's Product Budget - with more features & benefits on the horizon.

Junior (100USD Store Credit) – Partners will typically enter at the Junior level as they are still learning which products match their audience, the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, and planning how to expand!

Bronze (150USD Store Credit) – Partners will rank up to Bronze once their total orders generated exceeds 10/month for two consecutive months.

Silver (300USD Store Credit) – Partners will rank up to Silver once their total orders generated exceeds 50/month for two consecutive months.

Gold (500USD Store Credit) – Partners will rank up to Gold once their total orders generated exceeds 100/month for two consecutive months.

Diamond (1000USD Store Credit) – Partners will rank up to Diamond once their total orders generated exceeds 200/month for two consecutive months. Ambassador – Gold & Diamond Partners will be eligible to become a Ambassador after assessment. Our top partners will be carefully selected ambassadors of our brand and will receive exclusive special offers and opportunities to represent

Your Affiliate Rank is by no means static, in fact we anticipate many of our Partners will quickly rise through the ranks. With a little planning both your affiliate & brand will be reach great heights thanks to your product selections!
  • RANK UP by increasing your orders past the next rank’s threshold for two consecutive months.
  • DE-RANK by falling below your rank’s monthly threshold for three consecutive months.
  • REMOVAL from the Partner Program will occur when performance is exceptionally low or if our Terms & Services are violated.

If you think you are a match for this program we encourage you to email with your request for review. Please include a direct link to samples of your past content.

APPLICATIONS ARE CURRENTLY ON HOLD. To join the waiting list please include "WAITING LIST" in your subject line. Applications will be processed once the program has re-opened for new partners. puts the integrity of content creators amongst the highest of our concerns. Content created using products provided by will never be directly influenced by All endorsements or concerns a Partner may have with a product are entirely their own views. Partners will not be penalized for legitimate negative comments, nor rewarded for positive comments made about products carries.

Our growing affiliate program will continue to remain available for all users, provided our stated terms and conditions are followed.
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