IPS 16Bit Pocket MD HD V2

Version: Japan
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 29-Aug-2024
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IPS 16Bit Pocket MD HD V2

Product Features

  • IPS LCD screen with HDMI output
  • Screen ratio "Standard (4:3)" and "Wide (16:9)"
  • Compatible with TV or PC

Item Description

Let's enjoy the nostalgic MD games with beautiful images of "IPS LCD" and "HDMI output"!

This product is a portable Mega Drive-compatible machine that is equipped with a 43-inch IPS LCD screen, so you can enjoy wide view angles and clear images. In addition, this product is compatible with a TV or PC monitor by using an HDMI cable. A compatible machine that can be used conveniently when you want to enjoy games on TV.

Please note that the operation of this product may not work properly depending on the game such as if the sound or image is unstable.

As a feature of "V2", the charging terminal has become "USB Type-C"! Use this product with improved usability and enjoy the classic MD games now.