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  • 3 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1:
1. Jack & Jeanne Of Quartz
2. 風が吹いたんだ(クォーツ Ver.)
3. 風が吹いたんだ(立花希佐 with 高科更文 Ver.)
4. 風が吹いたんだ(立花希佐 with 睦実 介 Ver.)
5. 風が吹いたんだ(立花希佐 with 根地黒門 Ver.)
6. 風が吹いたんだ(立花希佐 with 白田美ツ騎 Ver.)
7. 風が吹いたんだ(立花希佐 with 織巻寿々 Ver.)
8. 風が吹いたんだ(立花希佐 with 世長創司郎 Ver.)
9. Jack & Jeanne Of Quartz *off vocal
10. 風が吹いたんだ *off vocal

Disc 2:
1. Fortune color is crystal!
2. 鈴かけの木をこえて
3. 我らグレートガリオン
4. Ms. Robin
5. Compass line
6. なまえのないともだち
7. ハレル・ア~友よ、わが神の名をさけべ~
8. ! ! ! ゴーストパーティー! ! !
9. オー・ラマ・ハヴェンナ おお、愛するハヴェンナよ
10. 淡色
11. 懺悔室で激しく懺悔
12. Departure
13. なかつくにのキルツェ
14. Quartz Anima
15. Over the wall

Disc 3:
1. Fortune color is crystal! *off vocal
2. 鈴かけの木をこえて *off vocal
3. 我らグレートガリオン *off vocal
4. Ms.Robin *off vocal
5. Compass line *off vocal
6. なまえのないともだち *off vocal
7. ハレル・ア~友よ、わが神の名をさけべ~ *off vocal
8. ! ! ! ゴーストパーティー! ! ! *off vocal
9. オー・ラマ・ハヴェンナ おお、愛するハヴェンナよ *off vocal
10. 淡色 *off vocal
11. 懺悔室で激しく懺悔 *off vocal
12. Departure *off vocal
13. なかつくにのキルツェ *off vocal
14. Quartz Anima *off vocal
15. Over the wall *off vocal

Item Description

All the music that colors the world of "Jack Jeanne" is here!

An album that includes a total of 40 tracks (3 discs) including original off-vocals in all the songs that appear in the Nintendo Switch software "Jack Jeanne". In addition to the first full-size song of the "performance" performed by the main characters at the Univers Opera School, the opening song sung by the seven main cast members, and the ending song with different singers for each route ( Complete coverage of "songs" in this work, including 7 types in total). The jacket is a sleeve case with illustrations drawn by Sui Ishida.

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One of the best otome game soundtracks
It took a while for the pre-order to come into stock, but the order arrived safely!
As for the item itself, I'd listen to the previews on youtube on repeat. I was absolutely hooked! I just really love the music direction, all the layering.
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In love with the soundtrack
I’m so happy to be able to listen to the vocal collection of Jack Jeanne. I loved all the songs in the game and I was so excited to learn that a vocal track collection was available, with longer songs too?! It’s one of my favorite soundtracks and I enjoy listening to it :)
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Complete Discography of Quartz from the Game
I thought I'd be happy with endlessly replaying these songs via the menu in-game until I learned of the existence of longer, full versions of the songs, which led me here. This album is nothing short of fantastic. This collection includes every song Quartz performed during their plays throughout the year, and also includes the opening song and versions of the ending song for each guy (as well as a Quartz version), plus instrumentals for everything. The lyric booklet labels who sings which part, which I found really nice. The sticker it came with is super cute but I don't think I'll ever have the heart to actually use it...
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Arrived quickly and as described
I received the CD set quickly and as described. The CD set included a stick (same as the cover) and PlayAsia included their own sticker set. Overall super happy with my purchase. Now off to enjoy this awesome music collection! =)
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