MISTOVER (Multi-Language)

Compatible with PlayStation 4™ (PS4™)
Version: Asia
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Product Languages

Subtitles  English, Korean, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese
MISTOVER (Multi-Language)
MISTOVER (Multi-Language)
MISTOVER (Multi-Language)
MISTOVER (Multi-Language)

Product Features

  • Contains 40-hours of expeditions in 5 distinct regions
  • Turn-based RPG with a twist... It can change based on your actions
  • Maps are always changing… practice different strategies in order to survive
  • Build an invincible Corps by combining and strategizing with 8 different Corps classes
  • Learn new skills and upgrade equipment to enhance Corps Crew members
  • The Mist influences EVERYTHING that happens in the game

Item Description

''MIST-ical' RPG with expeditions for finding the key to survival. Choose your next step wisely and keep in mind that your every move will change the future. Create your own 'Corps' and explore through various regions in the Pillar of Despair: forests, lakes, mountains, cities, cathedrals, castles, and much.


Customer reviews

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A flickering light in the darkness
Mistover is a hardcore rogue dungeon crawler that is as challenging and unforgiving as it is pretty-looking and fun. You commandeer a party of adventurers on expeditions to the ever-changing cavernous complex to unravel the many mysteries it holds.

Gameplay consist of your navigating your team by avoiding perils such as monsters and traps, collecting loot along the way and tightly managing your resources all the while trying to race against a doomsday clock. Keeping your party well fed keeps their morale up and illuminating your environments makes you less likely to stumble into the many denizens that roaming the dungeon. When push comes to shove you’re forced into combat which takes place on a 3x3 grid. Party formation is important to limit damage to your spellcasters while your front warrior will fend of the nasties, as an example. Field skills randomly assigned to each hero during recruitment will also determine how effective they’ll perform in both the exploration and combat parts of the game. While fun at first, the battles are a very underwhelming part of the game. The baddies you encounter are bullet sponges and can kill your part off pretty fast. The monotone and tedious combat doesn’t really improve during repeated runs.

By the end of the day are placed at at the mercy of the RNG which can often feel brutal and unfair. Luckily the developers have provided you with options to tweak a variety of parameters tailor to your experience which make the runs easier of harder accordingly. A great feature that should be featured in more games right from the start!

Mistover’s art style takes inspiration from games similar in the genre but has enough identity to stand out on its own. The anime characters contrast the grim evinronments and the horrors they host pretty well.

Music is moody and fitting but is mostly forgettable and the Japanese voice cast does a good job portraying their characters. English text localization is also to be commended for how well it was done.

Overall this game will not be for everyone as that’s how this goes with the roguelike genre. If you are willing to put down the time then you will be rewarded with an enjoyable and challenging experience for many hours to come.
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It's not the best experience, but definitely one any Rogue-like RPG fan would like to experience. Completing it on the other hand is something different. The difficulty can spike hard and fast, but it's nothing impossible.
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A true hardcore Rogue-like
For those that like hard and unforgiving games, try this one, as it has a good turn-based with high difficult.
And get it while you can, as the digital version was token off from every digital store (steam included)
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Great art style and look, but this is a game for hardcore gamers, very high difficulty curve.
Great art style and a look and feel to the game. But this is for the hardcore gamer that wants a really tough game hat can feel unfair at times. It might look cute with some of the art choices, but the game has a very high difficulty curve and will stop you if your not careful.

There is a lot to get out of this game. But its really going to test your patience with its difficulty, but that may be the type of Turn Based RPG with rouge like elements you are looking for.
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Lovely hybrid art design, but the gameplay is for the true hardcore
This game is punishing to an extent feeling way too unbalanced, but for those who put time and effort into it, it has enough for you to get fun out of it... it just will take a lot more dedication and acceptance.
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