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Hori D-Pad Controller (L) for Nintendo Switch (Super Mario)Hori D-Pad Controller (L) for Nintendo Switch (Super Mario)
Compatible with Nintendo™ Switch (SW)

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Mobile Mode Exclusive Cross Connector for Nintendo Switch (L)

Compatible with Nintendo™ Switch (SW)
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Mobile Mode Exclusive Cross Connector for Nintendo Switch (L)
Mobile Mode Exclusive Cross Connector for Nintendo Switch (L)
Mobile Mode Exclusive Cross Connector for Nintendo Switch (L)


  • Improve operation
  • Easy installation
  • Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons are not included.


It is the L side controller dedicated to the portable mode. By installing it on the Nintendo Switch body, you can operate the cross button for easy enter commands. The following functions in Joy-Con (L) cannot be used; Player lamp, synchro button, SL button, SR button, HD vibration. This product is exclusive to the portable mode and doesn't perform wireless communication in TV mode and Table-mode.

Important Notice:
The issue for the Nintendo Switch console's battery draining while the accessory is plugged has been fixed by its manufacturer, Hori. If you find this happening to your consoles, make sure that your firmware is updated to refrain this from happening.

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Good overall
Works well, looks good. d pad is good but the analog stick is not as accurate as the original joycons.. it mostly does as it is supposed to.
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Cross connector!!!! 4 out of 5
Best joycon alternative,
Shipping was handled correctly works as described. Love the color the dpad is extremely responsive as I use the controller for mortal kombat on the switch and its perfect. Fantastic product just wish the plastic felt more high quality that's why its 4 out of 5 other wise it would be 5 out of 5.
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Damaging to the Switch
The controller works well enough, though it has substantial drawbacks, most of which are worth sacrificing if you really, really require a D-pad. It’s light, due to having very little in the way of guts, and the buttons are a bit squishy, but otherwise fine. The drawbacks are major, however: it of course can only be used in handheld mode, since it has no wireless connection, but also it aggressively drains the Switch’s battery (Hori has promised a fix for this, but have yet to deliver). I didn’t think much of it, and I only play my Switch in handheld mode in short bursts, so I wanted to try it out.

After a few minutes of playing with it, I set the Switch back in its (original, Nintendo) dock to go cook dinner and watch a movie. A few hours later, I picked the device back up, and was horrified to find that my Switch’s screen was now discolored over around 50% of its area, almost as through it had been burned in. I immediately snatched the Hori pad off and restarted my device, but the burn-in remained. Eventually, over a period of a couple of hours, it faded back to normal, but I won’t be attaching this damnable controller again. Shame on Hori for putting out something this flawed.
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Awesome for classic games!
I love this thing! It’s so nice to have an actual D-pad. Street Fighter 30th anniversary edition plays like a gem on this joycon!
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Pleaseantly surprised
I was looking for this product since I own the console.

To have a cross controler in nomad mode.
The reviews of this accessory are too much unfair !

YES : in sleep mode, the battery is drained : it's not a surprise : This accessory DOES NOT have a battery.

However, by testing a game, like DKC Tropical Freeze, during 1h, it drains 30% of my battery.
It's really honnest, isn't it ? (with The official joycon, I think The battery does 30 minutes more, but no more).

Before buying this, I was aware of the problem of battery drain, and I Expected the battery holds little time (something crazy like 45 minutes) . It's not the case. You can play, at least two hours, perhaps 3 hours.

I know that HORI will produce new mobile cross connector, in september, with colors zelda and Mario, with problems resolved.

But, it's an hardware accessory, and this blue one is good !
I recommand this version, and I'm not sure that the others versions will be better.

Thoses who want a quality cross controler, in nomad mode, should buy this.

It's not difficult to unplugging the product when you dont' play.

I Play since 25 years, vidéos games and I recommand this product, for 2D games.
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