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Natsumi Hirajima Vol. 4 Trading Card

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  • 123 different kinds (randomly selected)
  • 1 box (6 packs) / 1 pack (12 pcs)
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.


Summer shining with "Natsumi Hirajima"...Spend time!

The sex appeal that can not be hidden even in the cute smile that pops...Natsumi Hirajima's 4th trading card is finally here!
As a cute yukata, you will be struck by the sexy bikini! We will deliver "Natsumi Hirajima", which is unstoppable and attractive, packed into trading cards! Not only the "Pinspo Bikini Card" worn at the time of the shooting, but also a large number of rare cards such as "Autograph Card", "Bikini Strap Card", and "Costume Card" are included!

* Number of card types: 123 types in total

* Regular cards (81 types)

* Rare cards
- autograph cards (4 types)
- raw kiss cards (4 types)
- raw photo cards (1 type * 9 pictures)
- Photogenic card (1 type * 9 patterns in the photo)
- Costume card (1 type * 2 patterns)
- Bikini strap card (3 types * 2 patterns each)
- Pinspo bikini card (16 types)

* Triple rare card
- Pinspo bikini All cards (8 types)
- Masterpiece Card
- 1/1 Bikini Hook Card (4 types)

* 72 cards are included in 1 box.
* Rare cards include raw cheki.

* Please note that there is a possibility that our ordered quantity will be cut by the supplier.

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