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Needy Girl Overdose (English)

Compatible with Nintendo™ Switch (SW)
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Needy Girl Overdose (English)
Needy Girl Overdose (English)
Needy Girl Overdose (English)
Needy Girl Overdose (English)
Needy Girl Overdose (English)


  • Players decide what she will do each day and try to acquire 1 million followers for "OMGkawaiiAngel" within 30-days
  • Streaming will increase followers. You need a "topic" or "theme" to talk about to stream. Discover various "topics" in your daily life with her and stream away
  • Depending on the action you take, the endings will change
  • The game auto-saves each day, so you can start over from anywhere at any time
  • Try to find your ideal ending while you live the doom over and over again


Needy Girl Overdose is a "multi-ending ADV" depicting daily life with "OMGkawaiiAngel", a young girl with a rather extreme need for approval attempting to become the #1 "Internet Angel" (streamer). Gradually build up OMGkawaiiAngel’s number of followers as she spends her days streaming, using various "stress relievers", and generally being kinda messed up. Experience all the different crazy ups and downs and find out for yourself whether this story is even capable of having a happy ending.

Turn "Ame" - somewhat of a hot mess of a girl - into an OMGWTF-cute internet angel and jumpstart her career as a live streamer for the most hardcore nerds online!

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Great Game
A really great game for fans of visual novels and internet culture.
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It's very different!
It's a very unique experience. Haven't played a game like this before but I was pleasantly surprised! It's like a VN but it's also not. It gets a bit repetitive after a long while but I'd definitely give this a go if you're on the fence about it. My copy also came with some pre order bonuses, so was happy about that!
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A different kind of retro esthetic game
I've been playing this game and i gotta say, it doesn't remind me of a visual novel game. I usually have a hard time getting into those games. Mainly because of the heavy reading involved, but Needy Girl Overdose feels different. Theres a lot going on to keep your eyes and attention engaged. I really enjoy its retro esthetic and 8 bit soundtrack. I think what honestly makes this game stand out to me is everything i listed and also relateable main character. She's still a person trying to do her best to please everyone even if she's a vtuber like streamer. If you want something unique, i do highly recommend it.
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Looks promising
Unfortunately, I havenlt progressed too far into the game yet. But from the short amount of time I've played, it looks to be a promising visual novel.
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I'm Speechless
That was my first reaction when I started playing this game, so different yet so fun. It made me remember when I was young and you would just play a game for a couple of hours and cleared it in one session.

And as you may have guessed from that, the game is quite short but that is not a flaw in my opinion.

It's actually a breath of fresh air with a short game with high replayability among all theese AAA-games that's way too long and tedious. This game have many endings, during my first play through I managed to get three of them.

The game lenght is about 3-6 hours, you progress thru each day selecting what "OMGkawaiiAngel" should do while managing her stress, affection and mental darkness levels. The goal is to reach one million followers in a month.

Needy Girl Overdose has a great retro style paired with nice soundtrack, I highly recommend this game it's a very unique gem.
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