Ninja Kamui Blu-ray Disc Box Completely Limited Production Edition

Version: Japan
Blu-ray Region Free
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 11-Nov-2024
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Language  Japanese

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Ninja Kamui Blu-ray Disc Box is now available! Includes Episodes 1-13.

Higan, a "runaway ninja" who escaped from a ninja organization, changed his name and lived a modest but happy life with his wife Mari and his beloved son Ren, who are also runaway ninjas.
However, one night, they are attacked by black-clad ninjas, and Mari and Ren are killed.
Higan regains consciousness in the hospital morgue, filled with anger and sadness, and decides to take revenge on the organization.
Together with FBI agent Mike and his partner Emma, ​​he confronts the enormous darkness behind this incident. The curtain rises on a dramatic story where the past and present, trust and despair intertwine!