Seiken Densetsu / The Legend Of Mana Original Soundtrack

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Disc 1:
1. Legend of MANA~Title Theme~
2. 懐かしき歌
3. World of Mana
4. Song of Mana~Opening Theme~
5. 心のある場所
6. ホームタウン ドミナ
7. ディドルのオルガン
8. 旅人たちの道
9. Pain the Universe
10. 断崖の町 ガト
11. 彩りの大地
12. Marginal Beast
13. 月夜の町 ロア
14. 夢想う遠き日々~セイレーンの歌~
15. 海へ
16. 港町 ポルポタ
17. 夢想う遠き日々...
18. 悠然なる歴世
19. Bedight Orbit
20. 風歌う、その旅路
21. 魔法都市 ジオ
22. 駆け行く記憶
23. The Darkness Nova

Disc 2:
1. パストラール
2. 牧場にて
3. Maker's Galopp
4. 夢見る果実
5. いいことあるよ
6. オルガンを弾こう!
7. オルガンを弾こう!その2
8. 夜想曲
9. Digger's Song~穴掘り団の歌~
10. 穏やかな曲
11. 悲しい曲
12. 楽しい曲
13. 不思議な曲
14. 真実の行方
15. 二つの思惑~ルシェイメア~
16. Irwin on Reflection
17. 真実の彼方
18. 重なりゆく運命
19. 賜りし絆へ
20. 焔城
21. 真紅なる竜亭
22. 運命の先に待つもの
23. 蒼い憂鬱
24. 宝石泥棒サンドラ参上!
25. 滅びし煌めきの都市
26. 愚かなる宝愛
27. 涙色した輝きの…
28. 想いは遠くマナの樹に寄せて~Theme of Mana~
29. マナの聖域
30. 蒼范の時
31. Nostalgic Song~Ending Theme for Mana's Story~
32. Song of MANA~Ending Theme~

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Soundtrack album to the PlayStation game "Seiken Densetsu Legend of Mana." Music by Yoko Shimomura.

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No title
very nice!
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A musical masterpiece.
Yoko Shimomura has been a long time favourite of mine. She has a mastery of melody, harmony and makes incredibly catchy tunes. Some of her best work is highlighted here with a bouncy and fun soundtrack. Many of the pieces have an underlying sadness to them, which emphasizes many of the themes in the game itself. Definitely can stand on its own without the game; however, having played the game just makes the soundtrack much more memorable.
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Another great soundtrack by Ms. Shimomura!
Yoko Shimomura is the 3rd favourite composer of my loyal trinity(that includes the legendary Nobuo Uematsu e and Yasunori Mistuda).Before I purchase this Legend of Mana OST, I\'d listened some tracks in a site with downloadable game music and loved it!This OST is very different compared to the other Mana Soundtracks(composed by Hiroki Kikuta)but it has a lot of passionate and powerful tunes!Is great work e for the fans!
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