The Art Of Mahiro Maeda: Thats (1963-2023)

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An impressive collection of works that looks back on the life of Masahiro Maeda, a great and giant in the anime world!
The work he has been involved in is ``Aim for the Top! '', the Heisei Gamera trilogy, ``Gankutsuou'', the ``Evangelion'' series, ``Mad Max: Fury Road'', ``Shin Godzilla,'' etc., and design, art, and costumes for not only animation but also live-action works. There are countless places where he has played an active role both domestically and internationally. This book collects as much material as possible, from image sketches drawn at the initial planning stage to intermediate products created during the brush-up process, and even large-scale drawings. This art book covers and records Masahiro Maeda's career, with over 100 works, including unpublished works, and approximately 30 works.
In addition, the individuality that forms Masahiro Maeda, both an artist and a human being, is highlighted by the historical background, anime history, and the words of people who lived in this era with him. This is an unparalleled collection of works that looks back on a huge number of works.