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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (3D+2D) (2-Disc)

Blu-ray Region A
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28 世紀,宇宙各星球已可互通,星際的和平及秩序,要靠特工穿梭不同時空來維持。特工精英維里安 (丹德翰 飾) 及娜拉 (卡拉迪樂芬妮 飾) 被派往阿爾法星執行任務 — 這個住有來自全宇宙成千上萬不同族群的星球,表面上雖然種族共融、繁榮安定,實際上卻有野心家暗中破壞;兩位特工拍檔執行任務期間,更意外捲入巨大的星際陰謀中,發現驚天秘密……為了瓦解阿爾法星的致命危機,他們只得拼死迎接最凶險一仗!

A dark force threatens Alpha, a vast metropolis and home to species from a thousand planets. Special operatives Valerian and Laureline must race to identify the marauding menace and safeguard not just Alpha, but the future of the universe.


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Agree with all of the above.
My curiosity about this film led me to buy a US 4K disc-only from an online contact. Picture quality was excellent but I found the film to be a mess. I read so many raves over the 3D aspect that, though I have a region free player, I decided to search one out that was Region A so I could watch it upscaled to 2160 on my Reg A player. Well, GREAT choice by me as the "OK-flat" film comes to spectacular life in 3-D. Stunning depth and clarity top the 4K release and Rihanna's incredible turn !! Well, THIS 3-D release is the way to go. So now I'm a fan. Cost and time of delivery are just fine considering. It took about 3 weeks to reach me in Florida-- and was shipped from the Netherlands.
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Valerian 3D
I had looked for this movie for so long in Blu Ray 3D but I couldn't find it 'til I found this in a forum so I decided to buy it here. It took like 5 weeks to arrive but it was worth it.
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Great All Around
This movie came out of nowhere for me and surprised me why I had not heard of it first. I really enjoyed this despite the tepid following.
Since my Panasonic 3D setup is still my preferred viewing I had to try to find this in 3D. Fortunately I found this site by looking through forums and the favorable reviews.
Although this took a few weeks to arrive it was in perfect condition because of the solid packing. The price was right and the movie worked perfectly in my region locked Blu-Ray (USA) player.
If your looking for this movie in 3D (and you should) don't hesitate on getting this.
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Many Thanks
Some short sighted studio executives tried
to put another nail in the coffin of Home theater 3D with the decision not to release
Valerian in the 3D format for sale in the U.S. Luckily Play-Asia offered this visionary film for “Region A” viewing.
It took a month in transit but was well worth the wait. Thanks Again
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Amazingly underrated film and a MUST WATCH in 3D!
I know that many think that 3D is 'dead' at home, but some movies demand to be viewed in 3D, and this is one of them. Absolutely a blast of a film that while not perfect, it is truly outstanding and original. I was shocked when I saw it in the theater by how much I enjoyed it, and it's even better at home seeing it again. Sadly, this was not released in 3D in the United States, so that demanded an import, and I am thankful that Play-Asia is here to provide it! Great sci-fi film that is a ton of fun and not too 'deep,' so to speak. I know this did not do well in the theater, but it absolutely should have become an ongoing series and deserved to do better. Worth every penny, and if you own a 3D setup, it it is a must buy. If you do not own a 3D setup, it's worth buying either way, but it is also one of those that should still force you to invest in 3D. Buy it!
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