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Ohki is a writer. Although he is married and has a son, he has clandestine affairs with Otoko, a high school girl of 16. She is pregnant but the baby dies soon after birth and Otoko unsuccessfully tries to kill herself. 15 years later, Ohki is an established writer. Taichiro, his son, is now a student specializing in old Japanese literature. Otoko, now a famed Japanese artist, lives in Kyoto. Keiko, her pupil, lives with her. They are attracted to each other more than two women should be. Ohki goes to Kyoto. Otoko, accompanied by Keiko, invites him to a restaurant. It is a casual meeting, but Keiko senses that Otoko still loves him. She is jealous and swears vengeance. Keiko visits Ohki in Kamakura several times. One day, Ohki accompanies her to show her around. It snows hard and they spend the night at a hotel. Taichiro goes to Kyoto to visit the grave of a historic nobleman whose life he has been studying. Keiko accompanies him all the way and finally spends a night with him at a hotel near Lake Biwa. She invites him for a boat ride. Hours later, Keiko is found lying on the shore unconscious. Taichiro's body is never found.

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